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Here are CARE instructions for sheepskins:
Manufacturer recommends do not wash, do not bleach, do not iron, do not tumble dry; Do dry-clean normal cycle. Comment: wool is soil repellent and hard-wearing.

Jaap Kaur's experience with using skins in yoga centers to camping in the desert: Fold them gently twice with skin side on outside. Rolling tight crushes and wears the wool fiber. Gently wash any soil immediately with damp paper towel or terry wash cloth. Dry with terry cloth afterwards and air dry. Do not soak water deeper into the pile than the soil. Do not wash larger area than the soiled area. After drying, brush up very lightly with a soft brush whose bristles are far apart, or just use your fingers to fluff up. If you camp out or just over time get soiled and dirty in general you can wash the skin but it won't be as soft again. The fibers will clump together and brushing will be less effective. Here is technique. Soak in a bathtub in luke warm water and very gentle hand wash liquid or Ivory soap sparingly. Gently brush any extra soiled areas locally and add extra soap if necessary. Rinse by dipping in clean water or gentle spray. Roll diagonally across to squeeze out excess water. Then shake excess water out outside; then place in dryer on AIR dry Only, NO heat. DO not let it dry completely in dryer, only long enough for fiber to fluff up almost dry. The air dry only dryer helps to separate the fiber. Leave in a ventilated room to finish air drying, after wool is completely dry the skin will still be wet or damp. Then you can turn it skin side up. Helps if you placed it on a rack or screen to allow skin side to dry simultaneously. When the skin is completely or almost completely dry you can use saddle soap or oil sparingly to soften skin. It simply will not soften as much as before and take care that you do not put on too much conditioner as it will soil the wool when you fold or roll the skin to put it away. Best way to store the skin is flat. Next best is folded only once gently.

Skins used daily or almost daily for yoga and meditation will last 1 to 3 years if moderately cared for. They will make at least 1 year unless you are very careless. Used less often or meticulous care will extend the life. Once the skin is 2 or 3 years old keep it as a loaner for family, friends or student visitors to try. They will love your meditative energy it gathered and you deserve a new soft one that will collect a significant amount of your energy within 5 uses. Another use for used skins -- a gong rides securely in a car when nestled in deep sheepskin pile.

Sheep skin uses:

Sheep skins Hold your energy and make it easier for you to meditate, just like meditating in the same place each time and a special blanket, just more effective because they hold more energy. Also very helpful if you slide your travel sheepskin under the sheet when traveling. Use a small pillow over the standard one or at lest a shirt or something of yours over the pillow. Place a light shawl over you then pull the provided covers over that. You will be in your own cocoon and sleep as well as at home! Especially helpful for sensitive people who can feel the energy of all the people who slept in the motel bed before them. The sheep skins should be under the trunk mostly but if you have room for 2 do it. A travel sheep skin is the weight of and takes the space in your suitcase of a small sweater folded. It also can be used to do yoga or meditate on the floor, separating your energy and bringing your meditative energy with you. Strange floors where people walked with shoes need this energetic barrier.

Reminder: sheep skins are effective because they separate your energy field from the earth. You can create your own magnetic field undisturbed. Sit cross legged comfortably or have your trunk on skin when lying down is adequate. It is a luxury to have your full body length on the 4-pelt skin but not a luxury to haul it around, better left in place or used near its storage space. (Jaap Kaur sleeps on a four-pelt skin every night and finds it extremely helpful to fall asleep fast and sleep soundly.) Yogi Bhajan said the sheep whose skin is meditated upon is blessed. Remember too that sheep skins are byproducts and sheep are raised for other purposes like to collect their wool or for food. Some skins are also collected after sheep die of natural causes.

Choosing a skin: Get one that is comfortable and enjoy it, use it to its fullest. Don't get one that is so expensive to you that you fret over it. Jaap Kaur hand selects her sheepskins either long pile, very thick plush or both. She will not buy or sell a thin short skin, nor one with irregular patterns. It's purpose is to use and enjoy!